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FDA Links Januvia to Cancer Risk


In March 2013, the FDA announced new evidence indicating Januvia can cause “pre-cancerous cellular changes” in the pancreas. UCLA researchers determined the drugs increase the mass of the pancreas. This can lead to cancer. 

166668743Pancreatic cancer often has no symptoms in its early stages, which means it may not be diagnosed until it has advanced. It is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, and the American Cancer Society says it will kill about 38,500 Americans in 2013. If you or a loved one took Januvia to help manage type 2 diabetes, you may have done so without knowing the full extent of the dangers associated with the drug.

Nearly 100 current or upcoming federal lawsuits alleging that Januvia or three similar drugs caused pancreatic cancer were consolidated into a single pre-trial litigation by judges in September 2013. If you believe Januvia has caused cancer in you or a loved one, you should speak with an attorney today about joining those seeking justice.

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Januvia Tied to Two Cancers

According to a study published in Gastroenterology, people who take Januvia to help manage diabetes are:

This means that people who take Januvia are at risk of not 1, but 2 types of deadly cancer.

Diabetes Drugs Lead to Hundreds of Complication Reports

Hundreds of complaints have been filed with the FDA detailing complications and adverse effects in users of Januvia and similar drugs.

The FDA’s reports of adverse effects from 2004 to 2009 were studied by researchers at UCLA for the 2011 Gastroenterology study. The conclusion: Januvia users are almost 3x more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than other diabetics.

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